Bila lemah, katakan kau kuat.
Bila sedih, katakan kau bahagia.
Bila kecewa, katakan kau gembira.
Kekadang kata-kata itu ubat untuk jiwa.


Aku sakit
Aku diam.

Aku terasa
Aku diam.

Aku merajuk
Aku diam.

Aku diam
Sebab hati aku dah terbiasa.

Kau apa tahu?


Faham tak perasaan rindu yang mana,
Bila rindu kau tak boleh jumpa,
Bila rindu kau tak boleh call,
Bila rindu kau takkan ketemu yang dirindu sampai bila-bila.
Faham tak?

Aku rasa mahu memberontak.
Bawa aku ke masa lalu.
Aku rindu.


Kalau aku hilang kat Twitter, susah nak nampak aku meroyan kat Facebook. Memang tak lah aku nak post status bukan-bukan maki hamun, mencarut orang kat sana.

Selalunya, aku akan ada kat sini. Blog tempat aku meluah, bercerita, luahan rasa, apa-apa yang terbuku di jiwa.

Kisah apa aku siapa yang baca. Ini luahan aku, perasaan aku. Dan selalunya tak ada orang peduli pun apa aku tulis kat sini.

Sebab itu aku lebih suka mengarut kat sini kadang-kadang.


It's 31st December.

Can't believe 2013 is going to be over by this night. Time flies so fast!

Goodbye 2013 and hello 2014.

Wonder how next year is going to turn out? Hopefully it's just fine.

There's a lot of things that I've learned through out the years before. 2013 brings so many expression for me. I've learn so many things about friendship and also about relationship. I've learned that it takes time to learn something new. I've learned how to get hurt, how to forgive and forget, how to being such a patient person, how to be brave and confident towards myself to achieve what's best for me, can't trust people easily, and also I'm learning how to appreciate what I have before it becomes what I had. The journey of my soul has come to end, and it's the time to start something new. The new me. And one more thing, I've learned that running away from problems won't solve anything. You can forget about it, but it still doesn't fix anything.

I wish to write about so many things.

I'm being heartless lately, I have no idea for this thing but who knows, feelings can't be predicted.

  • Stop living bout the past and forget all about it.
  • Learn the value of true friendship.
  • Be a responsible daughter, a matured sister, and a loyal friend.
  • Be more confident and brave going through all the hardships and troublesome.
  • Earn money by myself and stop depending more on others.
  • Have the pretty old days with whom I used to call my best friend.
  • Meet people that I really really really want to meet like forever.
  • Be more thankful with all the things that I always had.
  • Stop giving up easily and learn to accept fate with an open mind.

Thank you everyone for all the awesome memories and good times. Thank you so much for everything. 2013 is going to end in less than 24 hours. 2014's probably going to be a tough year as I have to deal with few things. Semoga dipermudahkan segala urusan.